How do you make time to cook?

So it’s been six months since I announced to all of you out there in cyber-world that I am going to start cooking and reading up on cultures. I honestly haven’t managed to find the time…Need to stop spending so much time at work and on Pinterest…Set more boundaries! ( I usually just eat salads for lunch/ dinner each day so cooking is far and few in between). It’s Memorial Day Weekend and I am sitting around trying to think of a solution to this problem… My question for you is this…If there’s still anyone out there… Would you still read this if I started our cooking adventures after I get back from a month of travel (from end of June to end of July) by subscribing to boxes such as Blue Apron or Kitchen Table Passport ? It would cut out some of the time necessary for research and grocery shopping… I know it isn’t as exciting to have a prepared box delivered to one’s front door as it is to have the real food from scratch but I’m just having a hard time finding time. I can alternate: A week of prepacked ingredients/ research with a week of cooking from scratch! So Readers, would you still read if I wrote about meals with pre-packed ingredients? I can throw in posts on food in my daily explorations and annual travels and the life lessons that food teaches us…

woman cooking



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