Win Free Books!


Many exciting new plans for Food Trek have been set in motion and these plans involve you, My Readers! I will reveal the plans as they are set in motion starting with periodic giveaways! I don’t know about you, but I love a good cookbook with recipes and pictures! I’m a tactile person so nothing compares to the feel of real pages between my fingers, the smell of  the print…as opposed to a lifeless ebook! The first Book Giveaway is a fun one and involves playing with food… It’s all about food presentation. I’d like for readers who win the book share photos of their creations from the book or inspired by the book by contacting me through this site! To see if you’re a winner, click on the link!




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2 Responses to Win Free Books!

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  2. Zakiah says:

    What a neat idea, A! I had got a cook book printed a few years back. All my dishes and those from my mother’s kitchen. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures in it. I would have loved to send you a book so you could give it away. Hope you are doing good.


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