Swinging Doors — A Guide to Winter Warmers

Wow! I need to try some of these drinks!

Eric Brightwell

Swinging Doors

Though technically still autumn, it’s now felt like winter for over a week here in Los Angeles. The days are very short and on the long cold nights it’s been dipping into the single digits. We’ve been blessed with a little bit of rain here and there and the Santa Ana Winds have been whipping up leaves and dust, and knocking down trees, power lines, and allergy sufferers. One of my favorite ways to honor the passage of time is to mostly adhere to seasonal eating and by celebrating holidays. However, whereas seasonal eating seems to be a growing trend, seasonal drinking seems to be declining, reduced to pumpkin-flavored beers and coffees and not much besides.

Old school, cold school alchoholiday drinks are mostly forgotten, it seems. An online search for winter cocktails turns up listicles churned out without thought by the worker monkeys at New York City-based clickbait…

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