Breaking Bread

prepare food mindfully

Do you enjoy the feeling of love that washes over you when someone-perhaps a grandparent, parent, spouse or yourself presents a home-cooked meal for you to devour? Have you ever wanted to travel the world? Taste the foods of different regions? Speak a different tongue? Learn the cultures of other geographies? Here’s your chance! Come join my journey!


IMG_3917My name is Anne. I’m a wanderluster with limited funds and time, but that’s not stopping me from discovering new places, peoples, and cuisines! Every so often, I endeavor to “travel” to a different part of the world without leaving the kitchen. Here, I’ll share with you what I learn about the food and culture of each food trek. I welcome you to this journey with me…Or if you would like to go on your own food trek and invite us along, I welcome guest posts! This is an interactive space!

As I packed my bags for this journey, I did a google search for world cuisine recipes and was delighted to find that this idea of mine is, of course, not original under this Sun! I am very happy to find this because the talented Sasha Martin has published her global recipes on her blog and has written a guide for “cooking the world”! The blog she writes is very family-oriented, so I’ve decided to create a new blog about “cooking the world” for one, as I do eat most of my daily meals alone (Just because I am cooking for one doesn’t mean I have to eat fast food or a pop-it-in-the-microwave meal! I believe in good eating no matter how many are at the table!) Mrs. Martin atrended  a culinary school and is very experienced in cooking. The Martins also filmed their daughter tasting  all of their delicious cooking which she helped to make. Her amazing blog

details the act of gathering the ingredients and preparing the food.  I don’t want to do this with my blog; my experience with culinary arts is limited. Instead, this will be a space for learning and sharing the geography and culture of each food and the meaning of each dish as a symbol of global human connection, as that is where my interests lay. I’m Cantonese so food in my family has very special significance that provides more than sustenance. If my dishes turn out well, I won’t mind sharing what I cook!



One Response to Breaking Bread

  1. chels says:

    Cool beans! May I come along with you?


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